• Record Keeping

  • Quality through monitoring

    Parents are also informed on a daily basis of any important developments and you are also welcome in the nursery at any time. A health and safety manual specifically written for Merryvale Nursery Ltd is kept and updated regularly. All records relating to your child are available for your inspection but are otherwise confidential.
  • A daily record of attendance is kept as well as records of accidents, sanctions, cleaning and safety schedules and any unusual behaviour, medicines, and in the baby department records of your baby’s day until they are 1yrs old and then we display information on the notice boards. (feeds, nappy changes etc)
    All accidents and treatment, however slight are recorded in an accident book located in each room. All children have their own individual page within the book, to help maintain confidentiality.
    Parents are informed of accidents when they pick their child up and are asked to sign the book to acknowledge that they have received the information. Any serious illness/injury will of course be reported to you immediately in person or by telephone. We also ask you to fill in a form about any injuries that have happened at home.

    We can give both prescribed and non-prescribed medications. For prescribed medication from a doctor the first 24-hour dose needs to be given at homeFor non-prescribed medication we can only give it to a child for three days then the child will have to see a doctor before returning to the setting.

    You must also sign your child’s individual medicine sheet to inform us when and why the medicine was prescribed, by whom and what medicine is to be given. Staff then sign the book when they have given the medicine and a counter-signature is also provided to show the distribution has been witnessed and verified.

    ‘Observation and assessment are extremely accurate and precise’.