• Policies and Procedures

  • Quality through policy

    • Treatment and exclusion of sick children

      It is Merryvale Nursery Ltd’s policy to exclude any child with any infectious illness, i.e. diarrhoea, sickness, conjunctivitis, chickenpox, and any other infectious illness.
      Any child who becomes ill whilst at nursery must be assessed by a senior member of staff, i.e. general observation, take temperature.
      Emergency contacts are then to be contacted by a senior member of staff, and the child must be picked up as soon as possible, and may not return until completely well.

    • ADDITIONAL NEEDS POLICY (a full policy is available in the parents book)

      Wherever possible provision will be made for children with special educational needs. All children will be treated equally and afforded equal opportunities to develop fully. Parents will be advised as to any identification and assessment of special needs as necessary. Nikola is our trained S.E.N.D Co-ordinator.

    • Discrimination act to Equality act 2010

      All nursery places are allocated taking into account the following criteria:
      • Availability of spaces taking into account the staff/child ratios, the age of the child and the registration requirements for the nursery which state that the nursery may not care for more than 50 children at any one
      • When the application is received (extra weight is given to those who have been on the waiting list longest). There is a deposit of one week’s fees per child to register for a place at the nursery.
      We do not discriminate against any child and allow for diversity and inclusion within the setting. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the 2005 amendments lay down a legal obligation on us to consider those designated disabled or disadvantaged, using as far as possible the same criteria as for all other children. We will however carry out an additional review of any individual circumstances and requirements, and assess our ability at Merryvale Nursery to meet those needs. If we are able to meet those needs by making reasonable adjustments we will do so. This is necessary to fulfil our prime objective, a standard of care that ensures the welfare of all the children at all times. If a child has any medical conditions, in the best interest of the child the following has to be put in place before starting, depending on the severity of their condition:
      • A Healthcare plan which is completed by the setting, Parents and other professionals based on medical evidence.
      • Individual risk assessments are carried out.
      • Individual training for that child is delivered by a health professional.
      • Staff have a good understanding of the needs of the child and they are confident that they can support the child and fulfil the requirements as set out in their Healthcare plan.
      It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to share any key information about their child’s medical condition and to notify the nursery of any changes that could affect the needs of the child i.e. medication etc.
      We offer space to funded children and try when possible to accommodate their needs and be flexible with what hours they require according to what free spaces we have available. This may vary from each term depending on what spaces are available within the nursery.