Daily Routine

  • Daily Routine

  • Although each day is different and we change to suit the mood of the children or the weather etc we do have a routine time for meals. Each room operates slightly differently but as a rough guide see below.We do ask that you avoud collecting your child at mealtimes as we try to make it a quiet and pleasant experience for everyone. A drink and healthy snack are available from each rooms ‘cafe’ throughout the day.Individual water bottles are provided at all times of the day.

    • 7.30 Open    
    • 8.40 Breakfast
    • Cafe
    • 11.45 Lunch 
    • Cafe
    • 4.00 Tea
    All the children should bring with them a coat and hat in the winter and sun hat and cream in the summer. A small pump bag with a complete change of clothes and a dummy in a container if used. Children in nappies should bring an appropriate number of nappies and babies their made up feeds. All children’s clothing, bags, bottles and dummies should be clearly labelled with their name, to help prevent loss. We do ask that children do not bring sweets or toys into nursery.