Our Babies

  • Early Years Foundation

  • Our Babies

    Merryvale follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for all the children throughout the setting.
    • The baby rooms have been developed to encourage childrens natural development.
    • Our babies the room are designed in natural calming colours, with black and white areas that encourage babies visual development, as well as stimulate the children.
    • Toys and resources made form natural materials are readily available allowing babies to explore the world around them using all senses in a safe environment

    Two Rooms

    • The quiet room is very cosy and welcoming, so that our babies feel at home and can relax in a safe and stimulating environment.
    • The noisy room caters for the slightly older children that are beginning to move about and walk.
    We have a maximum of twelve under two’s at any one time with a staff ratio of one to two, higher than is required but we feel that our babies do better with a close relationship with an adult.
    Settling in visits are very important to both children and parents. We like you to bring your child for a few visits to allow staff children and parents to become acquainted. We like you to stay for the first visit, usually about half an hour followed by the child staying alone for aout half a hour on their next visit. These visits can continue until everyone is happy, there is no charge for these preliminary visits.
    • “All the staff have been really kind and thoughtful, even preparing different food for my child so that he ate something and felt at home”

    • “The staff were always ready to answer any questions and resolve any concerns”.

    • I have to say that I have 2 children ages 5 and 2 and have used various daycare’s in West Midlands and this is by far the very best I have ever used.

      Joann Simms
    • MerryVale Nursery is a great place for my daughter to start her schooling experience. It’s welcoming and safe and my daughter loves being there.

      Shelia Perry
  • Ofsted Says

    Babies and young toddlers 'move with confidence between the spaces, honing, crawling and walking skills as they develop their curiosity and exploration. Staff work exceptionally well with parents and carers to ensure that they are fully involved in their children's learning and development.'