Aims and Objectives

  • Overview

  • Quality through experience

    Children can choose a variety of activities suitable for their age group every day. Sand, water, art, craft, books, puzzles, music and imaginative play are amongst the resources used, as well as other adult led topics designed to give a variety of educational experiences.

    When children start nursery the parents will be asked to fill out all about me form daily routine sheet and initial assessment which will completed with a supervisor on the first visit. This helps us decide what age band your child is developing within EYFS. Throughout their time at Merryvale we take photos and make observations which are all put into there Learning Journey. The Learning Journey reports and assessments are all given to the parents when the child leaves the setting.

    Every term A report is also sent home every term to update parents about their child’s development and there is also an opportunity each term at parents night/day to discuss progress with their child’s carer.Parents are of course welcome to talk to their child’s carer at any time. When your child leaves the nursery you will be given a disc of photos of their time with us.

  • Over more than twenty years Merryvale has developed into one of the leading nurseries in the West Midlands simply because we know and understand children. We also know our parents concerns and needs for caring, high quality but affordable childcare.

     Merryvale Nursery aims to provide a high quality of childcare where young children can learn through play in a stimulating but caring, friendly and safe environment.Each child gets a keyworker in each room they move into. This is done mainly by who the child bonds with the most.


  • Merryvale Nursery has recently been inspected by Ofsted heir report reflects the excellent achievements of the nursery. The report is available in the nursery for you to read or you can view a copy online by clicking here

    Our approach addresses the main areas of development and covers the  EYFS. Each activity that is completed throughout the day is intended to help children make good progress towards the early learning goals. All planning of activities follows your child’s interests.

    Our main aim is to work towards the next steps your child will make and we are constantly working towards their transition to school life. This includes not just literacy and numeracy but a confident and independent well rounded child.

  • How to Enroll at Merryvale Nursery